Greenhouse with Capsicums and Chillies

The greenhouse is a high tech operation with 3 computers working together to control temperature, humidity, nutrient density and irrigation sequence.

The irrigation is a total recycle system, meaning all the nutrients and water the plants don’t use will be returned to the main tank to be re-cycled. So no drop of fertilizer and water is wasted and the greenhouse will not pollute any leachate in the soil and aquifers.

The crop has a yearly cycle. In August, a selection of the latest varieties is planted. After that the development of the plants is closely monitored. In the meanwhile soil microbes and predator insects are introduced. Daily checks of the technical performance of the greenhouse are performed to obtain optimal growth and fruit development. It also aids the biological ecosystem, which acts as an immune system for the whole greenhouse. The first fruit will usually be harvested late October. After a production period of about 8½ months the plants are removed and used in the compost for the Feijoa’s and the whole cycle starts again.